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Vacuum Excavation – Safe digging

Bell Contracting adds a brand new SUPER Vacuum excavator to the fleet for safer digging practices.

Vacuum excavation allows ground investigation without the risk and restraints of traditional methods and is particularly suitable where live utilities are being exposed as we are able to work around cables and pipework without causing damage.

Vacuum excavation involves the use of suction generated by a vacuum lorry delivered via an air or water lance in order to agitate and remove material (typically soil, earth or water) from the ground.
It is typically used as a safe means of excavating for new and around existing underground utilities in any ground conditions, but has a wide variety of other applications.

Safety and Environmental Benefits;
Employing vacuum excavators on sites has reduced the amount of underground damage and solidifies the industries commitment to adopting best practice to avoiding damage to underground assets.

The benefits include:
Increased operational safety associated with excavating – less need for access and egress.
Less manual effort, avoidance of strains and sprains to operatives.
Reduced excavation sizes – less excavated site spoil to be tipped or recycled which has a considerable positive impact on the environment.
No excess spoil – no danger of contamination into surface water or drains.
Faster and more efficient excavation compared to traditional manual methods – projects are completed far quicker which results in minimum disruption to the customer, members of the public, and the environment.